The story of League of Legends


This place is called Runeterra and it's where the story of League of Legends finds place.

Composed of both the material and spirit realms, Runeterra is all that separates the celestial powers of creation from the abyssal threat of all undoing. This is a magical world unlike any other-inhabited by peoples both fierce and wondorous.

It is an oblate spheroid planet with features like 18 Seas and 2 Oceans and around that there are multiple archipelagos and a few Isles. (Ionia,Shadow Isles)

Runeterra features multiple nations, cults and religions. Because of this multiple wars have already broken out and they always bring around a lot of violence and terror.

It's a magical world involved with magic, beasts, humans and much more. Want to read more about what's in it? Click this.

As said before, it is the magical world which was made up along with a storyline for the game League of Legends. If you'd like to read more about the game, click here